Sechel Ventures: Empowering Students, Launching Careers

Sechel Ventures Partners, a publisher in higher education, was co-founded in 2013 by Barry Franklin and Seth Restaino. We build websites with expert-written guides for high-growth fields, such as healthcare administration, nursing, medical technology, counseling, and engineering. Our mission is to match potential students with leading universities.

Sites We Own

LaunchedOur Aim & Audience
NursingColleges.com2022Helps prospective nursing students at all levels find degree programs, certification and licensure information, and first-hand accounts of professionals’ daily lives 
CounselingSchools.com2020Features expert-written guides on counseling and psychology programs nationwide, state licensure information for counselors, and emerging issues within these professions 
NPSchools.com2020Ranks all online nurse practitioner programs in the United States with an authoritative “AdvanceU score” and has expert-written features on APRN careers
HealthcareDegree.com2019Educates aspiring healthcare professionals with comprehensive guides to administrative, nursing, laboratory, and hands-on medical careers
BSchools.org2018Provides thorough guides to online MBA programs and various careers within management and leadership
MHAOnline.com2018Offers a complete breakdown of online MHA and related degree programs and careers within healthcare leadership
BustedCubicle.com2017Gives a detailed overview of the American transition to remote work, including online programs and skilling guides, resources for working parents, and advocacy issues for telecommuters
OnlineEngineeringPrograms.com2015Creates extensive features on specialized engineering programs and professions
MedicalTechnologySchools.com2015Presents articles on patient-facing, laboratory, scientific, and medical IT and administrative programs and careers 
HVACClasses.org2014Has national, state, and city guides to HVAC programs, salaries, and certifications
VetTechColleges.com2013Delineates various careers, salaries, accredited degrees, and state credentialing within veterinary technology
ForensicsColleges.com2013Focuses on educational and career opportunities within criminal justice, forensic science, and related fields